Friday, October 17, 2014

Michael Mayo ASMP NY Image 14 Contest Winner!

Michael Mayo's "A Better Mouse Trap” 

ASMP NY Image 14 Contest Winner

(c) Michael Mayo Photography "A Better Mouse Trap"

Michael Mayo:  "One day I noticed a tiny white mouse had made himself a home in my kitchen wall. I tried for weeks to catch this mouse, with the intention of not harming a single hair on his tiny little head. I tried all types of food to coax him from his humble abode but nothing seemed to work. Then one morning as I labored at my desk… I noticed my furry friend staring over my shoulder! He seemed not to notice me in the least. It was at this point that I realized how to lure him from his hiding place. I grabbed my camera and waited…"

ASMP IMAGE 14 Winners Gallery:  

Michael Mayo Photography

 Represented by:
KS Reps
Katie Swanson, Artist Representative

For the last 12 years, ASMP NY has organized a juried photo competition and exhibition. Each year, influencers and industry leaders come together to judge the finest in photographs from the previous year.  T
he contest is open to submissions in two categories, Student and Professional. Serious amateurs are also welcome to submit in the professional category.  All of the contests winners and judges selections will be exhibited in a Gallery show in New York in 2014.
ASMP NY began the image contest in 2003 to raise money for the ASMP Legal Action Fund. the Legal Action Fund has been protecting photographers' interests through advocacy, action in the courts, and legislature for years.